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What is Nutritional Therapy?

Why Nutritional Therapy?

Scientific research continually demonstrates that our body’s ability to function is significantly affected by what we eat. So much so, that it is becoming common practice for people to turn to nutritional therapy to help manage a wide array of health problems. Often, they simply use it to enhance the way they look and feel.


How can Nutritional Therapy Help?

When people think about the food they eat, they often see it as simply supplying their body with energy. However, food really is so much more than this. When we break it down into its constituents, it interacts with our body on a chemical level.

Nutrients speed reactions up, inhibit others and allow organs to communicate and work synergistically. They give our body the tools it needs to flourish in the way that it is designed to.  As such, it is obvious that what we put in our bodies can alter our concentration, our ability to fight disease, to reproduce, and to sleep soundly. Given that the modern world places many obstacles in between us and the path to health, supporting the body nutritionally is all the more pertinent.

How Does Nutritional Therapy Work?

Nutritional Therapy is not as simple as being told what to eat and when. Or what foods are good for you and what to do if you want to lose weight. The objective is to work to identify what imbalance or dysfunction is at the heart of a specific health condition and manage it in a sustainable way. Even niggling little symptoms we consider to be part of day-to-day life, such as bloating, headaches, blemishes, PMS and energy imbalances, are a sign that our body is not working optimally. Biochemical testing is undertaken where necessary to ensure approaches are targeted to each individual.

What To Expect From A Nutritional Consultation

Nutritional therapy, nutritionist, nutritional coaching, nutritional counselling… It’s all essentially the same thing. You can expect evidence based, targeted nutrition advice tailored just for YOU and no one else. This is combined with some gentle, encouraging support to help you reach your health goals.

I’ll listen to your complete health story right from when you were little because it’s all part of who you are today. I’ll explain things simply, allowing you to ask all the questions you need to in order to understand your programme. I promise never to judge you and will give you a programme that’s easy to follow because I realise that everyone likes to make changes at their own pace. And we will work together and interactively and in confidence. Why not schedule your appointment today, and let’s get started!


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