Genetic Test

Genetic Testing

Your DNA

Your genetic makeup is the founding block of you. It is also your road map to achieving optimum health for not only can it tell you where your strengths lie, but it also tells you where you may be fragile and what your health risks are in advance.


Despite the truth that our genes are your preset, environment affects gene expression i.e. the way they act out. Signals from our environment such as stress, nutrition, toxicity exposure, exercise and sleep. activate or switch off genes.

Nutrition plays an active role regarding ‘signalling’ and a bad or good diet can determine which genes play out and which don’t.

What’s on offer

I can either offer health and wellness tests which provide easy to read reports through myDNAHealth, Nutrigenomix, and DNAFit. Or I can help you interpret your data from 23andMe, MTHR Genetics UK or others.


One test that I often recommend for general health and weight maintenance information is the myDNAHealth Comprehensive DNA Test.

This gives relevant and actionable information about your body and how it genetically responds to Food groups, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, lactose, stress, sleep and other basic questions.

Included is a lifestyle questionnaire. Together, DNA information with the lifestyle questionnaire gives a realistic picture of how well you are doing and areas that you need to focus on.

We are all individual. Some people do don’t metabolise fats or carbohydrates well and wonder why they cannot lose weight. A nutrition plan is included, based on your personal profile.