Testing Available

Functional Laboratory Testing

Functional laboratory testing is used to find out what’s going on for you now. With an analysis of specific markers it can be invaluable in short cutting the time needed to find out what actions to take.

You may be wondering what’s the point of doing labs with a nutritional therapist, when you could go to your GP. NHS labs are different to the labs that the nutritional therapist offers and both are useful.

Because the nutritional therapist has a holistic approach to you and your health, a lab like the GI comprehensive stool test is great because it can pin point what may be going on for you and there may be multiple issues.

Functional laboratory tests may be recommended (using an external lab at an additional cost) such as stool analysis, hormone or nutrient profiles to provide useful further information to steer your programme.

Here are some examples of tests:


Many of these tests are ones you can do at home – urine, saliva, or finger prick.  Some other tests may require a blood draw and therefore an additional fee.

How much?

Prices for these tests vary from test to test and lab to lab, so if you have any questions about any of these tests please do just drop me a line.  If there is the possiblity of having a test done through your GP, then I work with you to request that.