Success Stories

These are the stories of just a few of the people I have helped

Osteopenia – thinning bones

One client had a bone scan which showed her bones were thinning – not an uncommon occurrence for people 40+.  It can be a slow but steady decline in bone health.  We worked together on improving her diet and digestion and added in a few key supplements.  A few years later when she went back for her next bone scan, the results were deemed normal by the doctor.  She was over the moon!

Was doing “everything right” but still wasn’t shifting the weight

Another client was overweight and was working hard on her own to lose that weight through diet and exercise (including working with a personal trainer), but it seemed whatever she was doing really wasn’t working for her.  We reviewed her diet and lifestyle and did a DNA health check which revealed that some aspects of her diet were not really suitable for her. After changing her diet to be in-line with what HER body needed and tweaking her exercise regime, the weight started to come off more easily and steadily.  And most important, we worked together to find a way of eating that she could sustain for life, without feeling like she was starving herself.

Diabetes scare

Or the client whose doctor had told her she was pre-diabetic and she would probably need to start taking medication. She was alarmed and rightly so – diabetes is a leading cause of blindness, kidney failure and amputation – and medication only goes so far in helping to prevent such tragic outcomes.  A healthy diet is a crucial factor.  I helped her to understand why blood sugar control is so important. We made changes to her diet and added a few supplements. And within six months her doctor declared that she was no longer pre-diabetic.  Please note that this was not then a reason for her to go crazy and stop eating healthily and go back to old habits. Diabetes was still a risk for her, but I helped her to learn how to use diet and lifestyle to have more control over this risk and hopefully keep her in the non-diabetic range.

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