In essence every programme I offer is bespoke, but the basic framework is each programme is at least 8 weeks in length and the rest depends on how much contact, advice and coaching you need and the complexity of your case.

One of the main reasons I do the free 20 minute Discovery Call is so that we both come to an understanding and an agreement on what you want and what you need. And then we agree on a package.   

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What’s included

My programmes start at £340 and typically include the following:

    • Full health and lifestyle assessment and analysis to consider symptoms, medical history, family history, lifestyle and stress
    • Coaching sessions for additional support, motivation and accountability, to ensure you stay on track and implement your personalised plan (premium programmes only)
    • Weight loss coaching (if applicable) to help beat cravings, eradicate emotional eating, and encourage good eating habits (premium programmes only)
    • Written personalised summaries of your consultations 
    • Personalised nutrition advice and supplement plan
    • Relevant handouts and information to support your health goals
    • Menu plans and seasonal recipes relevant to your health goals
    • Review of weekly food diaries if applicable – feedback and personalised guidance 
    • Recommendations for clinical tests, including review and interpretation of results, where applicable
    • Current medication and nutrients interaction evaluation, if applicable 
  • Email support throughout your program