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Death by buffet

Yesterday, I was at a seminar where one of the speakers was discussing his own genetics and how he has overcome his “faulty” genes to recover his health.

He pointed out that there aren’t really good or bad genes – we all have adaptations that made sense perhaps in a different context but with a modern lifestyle, maybe not so much. One of these is the MC4R variation (also known as the “death by buffet” gene) which has been associated with appetite regulation and increased BMI.

If you are living a typical modern lifestyle and eating a typical Western diet, then this might be deemed a “bad” gene. But in the context of a hunter/gatherer with a sporadic food supply, the tendency to binge when food is available would not be a bad thing – it would be considered a “good” gene.

If you have this variation, don’t just give in and blame your genes. Knowledge is power and you can adjust your diet and develop different eating strategies so you are not “DOOOMED”!

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Unlock the secrets of your mystery illness

Unlock the Secrets of Your Mystery Illness

It’s been under your nose all along…

If you’ve been suffering from an illness or physical symptoms that doctors can’t seem to diagnose or treat, you probably know utter despair.

Mysterious physical symptoms have the ability to ruin your life. They can put a stop to your career, to your social life, to your relationship. They can even make you depressed and unable to live the happy, full life you deserve.

There is simply no window of hope or recovery if you and your doctors cannot explain your symptoms. No light at the end of the tunnel. No finish line to work towards.

When you break a bone you are at point A, and the medical journey of putting the limb in a cast, or operating to fix the bone gets you to point B, which is when you are cured.

With a mystery illness, the journey is much more complex and sadly, never-ending. You start at point A with one symptom or often, a multitude of symptoms, and then the path leads you to many diagnostic tests and scans, both conventional and holistic consultations.

Emotionally, the turmoil is so devastating. People you were once close to either show understanding or they don’t, but even those who empathise only understand to a point because you likely feel nobody quite gets what you are going through.

You meet various ‘have you tried’ people who are desperate to find a solution but, you’re so exhausted with it all you feel like you’ve tried everything.

Eventually, people get tired of hearing you talk about the issues and so you end up internalising the daily struggle, feeling even more alone and like there are no other options.

The result is a person who survives day to day but eventually stops ‘living’. A vessel without any zest left for life.

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

What if there was a simple test that could unlock the answers you need to feel well again?

I know you feel you have heard it all before, promise after promise of a new way to heal or get better, or to finally get answers to why these mysterious symptoms are happening to you. But this is a solution that has been under your nose all along, and it really does hold the answer you’ve been waiting for.

There’s an entire area of your health that provides really amazing signs and hints and insights into your symptoms and illness. It might seem too good to be true, but really it is simple science.

It is a simple case of exploring a part of your physicality that hasn’t been looked at before.

Where? In your DNA.

Your Genes Can Help You Get Well

It might seem bizarre to think that your genes can help you get well when it feels like all your body wants to do is make you feel unwell, but your DNA really does have the answers you seek.

You’ve been asking questions all along, as have the doctors, but nobody has been asking the right questions or looking in the right place for them.

Think about all the areas your health care providers have looked at. They have looked at images of your body, they have performed specific blood tests. They have tested for anything that might relate to the symptoms you have. They have looked closely at your physical makeup, but not close enough.

Take a look at the incredible octopus in this Youtube video. It is a master of disguise, camouflaging itself to fit in with its surroundings easily. If you look at the coral initially, you likely don’t see the octopus, you just see the coral. It is only when the camera gets up close to the octopus that it reveals itself.

The same goes for you…

When you look closer you get so much more information. Which means together, we can discover what’s really going on with your body right now, at a chemical level. Because we look closer we can see things that all the other tests might have missed, and this can give us valuable clues on how to help you feel better and get well again.

The Tests That Reveal Your Body’s Truth

This is very much how DNA testing works in relation to your health. A DNA test will not find out the answers to your problems from those results alone, but your genes will provide hints and clues as to the science of your body and the way that those genes could relate to your current symptoms and issues.

The other test we can use to gain vital information is an Organic Acids Test which examines the chemicals made by your metabolism. These chemicals come out through your urine, making the test extremely simple.

There are lots of unique clues in these test results that tell us about the cellular processes and gut microbes inside your body.

By analysing this information, and following the clues, we can potentially find deficiencies, issues with bacteria and blockages.

A DNA report might also be useful because your unique DNA code holds a lot of useful information relating to your health. In particular, the tests reveal information about certain genes and whether or not they are working as they should be, which again gives a wealth of information to work on in relation to your health.

Find Out How To Heal

Based on the extensive information that has been gathered from you, through an Organic Acids Test and possibly your DNA information, we will have a wealth of new knowledge about your current health, and also about issues that may affect your future health.

This knowledge alone for sufferers of unexplained illnesses and symptoms is invaluable and often life-changing. Getting some clues and potential answers to issues that have been happening to you for seemingly no reason at all can have a profound effect. You may feel emotionally and physically exhausted, and on top of that you may feel completely let down by everyone and everything. Just knowing whats going on can be the greatest gift of all.

That is because, in some way, it validates what you’ve been going through. It confirms that you’re not imagining these symptoms. You know the symptoms are real but having endless professionals, doctors, experts and even friends and family tell you there is no sign of an issue, and asking if it could be psychosomatic, is devastating and it can lead you to question your own sanity.

However, the healing doesn’t end there. The information gathered through these simple tests provides all the tools needed to tailor-make a nutritional plan which is designed to specifically help you heal.

Is Diet The Answer?

Absolutely. There is so much research to support the fact that what we eat has a drastic effect on how our body functions.

Food does not just take energy into the body, it interacts with the chemicals inside it, and has the power to make certain reactions work faster, prevent certain actions taking place, and help things work as they should. Food supplies the body with the tools it needs to flourish.

You may believe you eat a healthy diet, and that you are already nourishing your body as much as you can, but you haven’t had this new information about your DNA and organic acids before. With this new information, we can specifically tailor-make a nutritional plan that is designed to get you feeling your very best, and hopefully, managing your unexplained illness or symptoms once and for all.

You Deserve To Heal

When you first started suffering from your mysterious illness, you probably thought about the days and weeks before it began and how you had never imagined this could happen. You never imagined that something so drastically life-altering could have happened to you when everything before was going well.

You probably also wondered, in your darkest days, how on earth you could ever have any quality of life again. You might have even forgotten what it was like to feel hopeful again, or what it felt like to be healthy again.

At the very worst, you might have given up on finding any real answers and thoughts that you’re destined to be like this forever could be in your mind.

Please listen…

If your body is not functioning as it should, there may be answers to be found. It may just be a case of looking closely enough at aspects of your body you haven’t looked at before.

By using DNA and Organic Acids Testing, together with a specialist who can give an insightful interpretation and create a targeted, effective nutritional plan for you, it could give you the health you’re looking for.

Dare to imagine a life where you feel well, and you feel healthy, and where you don’t have to worry about this mystery illness making you feel ill each and every day.

You deserve to heal, and you can heal when you know how.

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