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Death by buffet

Yesterday, I was at a seminar where one of the speakers was discussing his own genetics and how he has overcome his “faulty” genes to recover his health.

He pointed out that there aren’t really good or bad genes – we all have adaptations that made sense perhaps in a different context but with a modern lifestyle, maybe not so much. One of these is the MC4R variation (also known as the “death by buffet” gene) which has been associated with appetite regulation and increased BMI.

If you are living a typical modern lifestyle and eating a typical Western diet, then this might be deemed a “bad” gene. But in the context of a hunter/gatherer with a sporadic food supply, the tendency to binge when food is available would not be a bad thing – it would be considered a “good” gene.

If you have this variation, don’t just give in and blame your genes. Knowledge is power and you can adjust your diet and develop different eating strategies so you are not “DOOOMED”!

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